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Driving Value Through Partnership

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We collaborate closely with our clients to help them achieve impactful financial and operational outcomes while improving the patient experience. Pendrick combines deep industry experience and a keen focus on compliance, patient experience, data-driven insights, and network optimization to deliver exceptional results to our partners.

Compliance: At the Center of What We Do

Our experienced compliance team maintains robust policies and procedures, often above and beyond state and federal regulations. Our compliance program not only minimizes risk for our clients and supports their mission to serve, but also ensures all patients are treated with courtesy and respect.

We have designed a rigorous onboarding and oversight program that allows us to effectively manage the collection agencies in our network. This program includes initial and ongoing audits of our agency partners to keep them compliant with our high standards and operating procedures. Agencies who do not meet our standards are removed from our network.

In addition, as a member of the Consumer Relations Consortium, Pendrick helps to set the direction of collections compliance, legal strategy, and regulatory policy through proactive collaboration with state and federal regulators and consumer advocacy groups.

Our Commitment to Patients

We understand the importance of treating your patients with the utmost courtesy and respect. That is why we are committed to creating a path for patients to address their financial obligations in a compassionate and manageable way. We proactively offer fair and reasonable repayment plans based on individual need, and never threaten to or take legal action against patients.

Our focus on the patient experience is highlighted by our industry-leading complaint rate of less than .001%, which significantly outperforms national averages.

When issues do arise, our transparent dispute response process allows patients to easily validate their information and receive prompt resolution.

Data-Driven Insights That Deliver Better Outcomes

By applying advanced AI and machine learning to over 110 million accounts, our expert team of data scientists has developed a proprietary scoring model that incorporates 24 attributes related to consumer propensity to pay.

Using our proprietary model, we optimize collection strategies based on data-driven insights specific to each client’s portfolio to maximize financial outcomes for all types of non-performing healthcare receivables.

Additionally, we regularly collaborate with clients using near real-time reporting and dashboards that provide actionable insights, allowing us to further refine collection strategies and optimize results.

Agency Network Optimization

We deliver better returns by utilizing a wholly-owned agency combined with an extensive network of vetted agency partners across the country who specialize in medical debt collection.

Our optimized network allows us to handle portfolios of any size and readily manage fluctuations in volume. Across our network, we match accounts to agencies based on their specialization and success with different types of accounts to maximize collections while offering the best patient experience.

As accounts age, we strategically shift them among our network to deliver consistent, long-term results.

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